Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yoga For Inner and Outer Beauty

Sometime back I read an anecdote concerning Bill and Hillary Clinton. It seems that one time, many years ago, Hillary dragged Bill to a yoga class. Bill remarked that he was the only man in the class. In many countries, that is the way it is, with women being the primary enthusiasts at yoga classes. One of the main reasons for this may be that yoga is seen as a way to lose weight and become more beautiful. Let's take a look at this and see what role yoga has to play in making someone look beautiful.

No doubt yoga can help a person to become healthy, and fit. If someone practices the postures, does meditation, and follows the yogic prescriptions for eating, sleeping, hygiene and exercise it is almost certain that he or she will end up in great shape and look better.

In fact, our concept of beauty is in large part biological and part of the evolutionary process. Clear skin complexion, for example, is an indicator of good health and for our ancient ancestors it made good sense to choose partners who were healthy and could pass on their genes to future generations.

However the beauty of a person is not just based on physical factors alone. Just as internal physical factors, such as digestion and the proper functioning of physical organs, are reflected in the outer "look" of a person, there are internal psychic and spiritual factors that play a big role in how we feel and how others see us.

Although the physical practices of yoga, such as yoga postures (asanas) are the best known part of yoga, at the heart of yoga is a moral code which defines a way of life in which a person can live in harmony with herself and with society. This set of lifestyle instructions is know as Yama and Niyama.

Yama which means "that which controls" has five parts and the main function of these five practices is to help an individual achieve harmony with his or her external environment. One of the most important parts of Yama is a practice known as Satya.

Satya is loosely defined as "truth" but in fact there is no exact English equivalent for this term. In his book A Guide to Human Conduct, my guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti defines satya as "action of mind and right use of words in the spirit of welfare." That is, we should do whatever we can to promote the welfare of others, by keeping good thoughts in mind and by speaking in the spirit of helping others.

Someone who practices satya and always keeps positive thoughts in mind develops will power and straightforwardness. This practice is actually going on in the subconscious mind, and results in an internal effulgence or glaze known as Ojas. This inner effulgence is expressed outwardly as a vigor that definitely contributes to the attractiveness of a person. If you practice satya you will achieve a glow that cannot be duplicated or achieved with any kind of makeup! When you are twenty years old you are helped out by Mother Nature, as the hormones of your body are helping you to blossom and enter your years of peak physical well-being. However, this help from Nature is not indefinite and also must be supported by a proper way of life.

If you practice the outer aspects of yoga (postures, diet, fasting, hygiene) then you will be able to make the most of what God has given to you in the way of a physical body. If you practice the inner aspect of yoga (meditation and balanced conduct) you will bring forth an inner effulgence and beauty that will remain with you long after you physical body begins to wind-down.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Steps To Beat Up A Good Yoga Posture Fast

Choosing a good YOGA POSTURE is one of the best ways to ensure you get the best for your yoga exercise. Yoga is among the best method to make you more elastic than ever, developing balance and achieving calmness. A good yoga posture can help you build your inner strength.

Here are some of the best yoga postures to help you get a good result fast.

(1) Fighting the Cobra Posture: To relieve slight pain in your back and tones abs

Step 1: Stretch out on your stomach with legs and feet joined in together. Plant palms on the floor below shoulders with fingers facing onward.

Step 2: Now lift the upper body by gradually lifting your head and chest, but make sure that you keep your shoulders down. (Pelvis and thighs shouldn't leave the yoga mat.)

Step 3: Lastly, hold your pose for about twenty to thirty seconds as you breathe in even breaths all the way through your nose. Go back to your preliminary location and do it all over again.

(2) Strengthens your abs Posture: To get the best result, follow these steps:

Step 1: In the first yoga posture, you should situate yourself in a standing position with legs hip width separately, holding arms directly ahead with palms facing down.

Step 2: Twist your knees and squat if you want as just if you're about to sit in a chair in your classroom. Make sure to center weight in your heels, lock it and don't bring hips lower than the level of your knees.

Step 3: Lastly, allow yourself to reach forward, and center your eyes in a straight line ahead while breathing in and breathing out all the way through the nose. Hold this yoga posture for about 20 seconds. Gradually go back to standing position, and then you can release your arms.

(3) Wind-Relieving Posture

This particular yoga posture stretches your spine and helps a lot in the digestion of your stomach. It's a good thing to have a good running stomach so that you will always feel fresh every time.

Step 1: Recline on your rear or back, just as you are beginning to breathe in, drag your right knee near to your chest. Keep your left leg in a straight line and on the ground.

Step 2: Now push your shoulders and the rear side of your neck into the ground at the same time and firmly holding your knee. You can breathe for about ten seconds only. This might be quick but seems longer when you execute it.

Step 3: Change the sides, while holding the left knee to your chest for about ten seconds. Complete this set by hugging both of your knees to your chest and holding it for another ten seconds. Do the set again.

(4) Upward Boat Posture:

This posture helps to strengthen your abs, improves your balancing ability, and also helps in digestion.

Step 1: Sit down on the floor. Bend your knees and place feet flat on the floor.

Step 2: Now breathe in, bend back and raise heels off the ground, straightening your legs as possible as you can. Expand your arms with palms facing downward. If you find it difficult to perform, you can rest your hands beneath your knees for support. This may be a difficult yoga posture to perform but after a few practices, you will never have that difficulty again.

Step 3: To making sure your abs are now doing the work, keep your back in a straight line (as possibly as you can) while you keep holding the pose for at list 30 seconds.

At first, practicing these yoga postures for the first time may seem too difficult. But when you keep repeating them all over again when you have time, you will find it easy to execute after you have continuously repeated it several times. A yoga posture can save your health, your digestion and your backbone. But if you want to achieve your goal, make sure you keep practicing them as often as you can.

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